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Kennametal Scholarships China Anniversary Celebration Series Held

This solid ceramic milling cutter may feel like plastic in the hands of the same material, but it is in cutting of Inconel materials processing performance to be 20 times stronger than the performance of cemented carbide tools.

Many plants focus on new cutting tool of reason to shorten processing time, extended tool life, in order to improve quality, or in order to achieve these three objectives. StellarPrecisionComponents company is a secondary supplier of aerospace industry, located in Pennsylvania, Janet. The company focus on new tool is completely different. "We have just received an order for workpiece machining Inconel materials," production manager EdwardFrieze said. "We the tool life and the profitability of the processing task without any concern-our only concern is how these artifacts within eight weeks of delivery. ”

Open the door of opportunity

40 years ago, MikeVucishSr. works for a naval nuclear equipment manufacturer, when he saw a chance for your business. He bought some equipment from one of his professors machined evening school invited students, StellarPrecision company was established in 1978. He continued to engage in their own original work in the daytime until his company from a toddler to a full-fledged; during this time, some of his family members also joined in to help him.

"When I first opened, we received from the major processing plants in the area a number of task overload, but later transformed into support for the nuclear facility project, because my father has a lot of experience in this field," said daughter LoriAlbright, now she is the owner and CEO of StellarPrecision.

"From that point on, we became prominent within the aerospace and defense industry contractor's major suppliers, including Boeing, Lockheed Corporation, Raytheon, and some nuclear industry and medical industry clients, we have more than more than more than 70 employees, sales revenue of nearly $ 10 million. ”

Stellar companies to update their devices and as proud company has HaasAutomation and Okuma Corporation produces a variety of high-end CNC machine tools in processing plants under the gradual decommissioning of old machine tool, these two brands of machine tool population balance is steadily tilted to the Haas brand. Albright said the Haas brand equipment is not only cheaper than the competitive prices of foreign-made, "United States manufacturing" status also resonated in the many Stellar customers. "This tactic also let us replace our equipment in a more regular way, so that we keep pace with the latest technology.

Major equipment includes a OkumaLB-45 lathe, 36 inches in diameter, length up to 120 inches (91mmx305cm) of workpiece turning; and a HaasVF-11 of five-axis machining centers, its x axis travel 305cm workstation is load of 4000 pounds (1814 kg). Stellar has several wire-cutting equipment, more than 10 sets of three-axis, four-axle, five-axis machining centre and milling machine dual-use, while providing value-added services, such as non-destructive testing, welding, heat treatment, and Teflon coating.


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