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Kennametal Scholarships China Anniversary Celebration Series Held

Kennametal Ltd (NYSE:KMT) announced today that the company is ethical village Association (Ethisphere Institute) awarded the 2016 title of world's most ethical companies (World's Most Ethical Companies); ethical village Association is the world's leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation and dissemination of enterprise ethics.

This marks Kenner metal company continuous five years get has global most with commercial moral Enterprise title of award; this items honors is to recognition company in following three a field by made of outstanding contribution and established of-in company internal promote commercial moral standard of created and implementation, ensure management personnel and employees made best of select, used today best of practice, to promote future industry standard of established.

"Kennametal company, ethics and integrity are the Foundation of corporate culture, the key factor is the company's business has made great achievements," company President and CEO Ron De Feo said. "It is because of our common pay 12,000 employees around the world, we can win this award for five consecutive years. They always adhere to the highest standards of ethical business practice, kennametal's success, and made a significant contribution to the development of the future. ”

The machine tools and accessories category in this year's Awards, kennametal company was awarded one of the two companies.

"The company's development relies on the moral associations continue to set higher industry standards and assessments. Corporate citizenship, business integrity and transparent operations demonstrate excellence, leadership of the company in the areas of investment for the company people, communities, customers and employees to create more value, and strengthen the business advantages of sustained growth, "moral village Association's Chief Executive, Timothy Erblich said. "Kennametal company won the title of world's most ethical companies, we congratulate every employee within the company. ”

On March 8, New York City moral village annual celebration luncheon, kennametal will accept the 2016 title of world's most ethical companies awards.

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